Executive Committee

Oonagh 1.JPGOonagh Wolfkamp


Area Representatives Portfolio


Oonagh holds the Area Representative portfolio on the Executive Committee, ensuring a strong link between the Executive Committee, Area Reps and members.  She is passionate about building relationships and in turn attracting new members within the beauty sector and educating the wider community to the ‘why’ of choosing a qualified beauty professional.

“Our Area Reps have reported experiencing a change in a more supportive/collaborative community of beauty professionals, which is fantastic.  Good communication is incredibly important to be an effective organisation – we need to hear your thoughts and ideas”  - Oonagh Wolfcamp

Louise Gray


Complaints Portfolio


Louise is a therapist and owner of the award winning clinic Louise Gray Skin Care in Mission Bay, Auckland.  Prior to her 23 years in the beauty industry, Louise was a Registered Nurse working in intensive care.  In addition, Louise has also been an educator and distributor.

Louise has developed relationships with many therapists, employers and distributors over this time, and has taken on her role with the Executive Committee to represent them and help lift standards in the beauty industry.

“My love and passion for the industry is still strong after two decades.  I believe in giving back to the community we work in, and I regularly support local businesses, schools, and projects.  I have been an active member of the NZARBP inc. for many years, and I have previously served on the Executive Committee”. Louise Gray

Judy West

BeautyNZ Magazine Portfolio


Judy has served the Association for over thirty years, many of those as President.  After stepping down from this role in 2016, Judy now works with the Committee holding the portfolio of managing our wonderful industry magazine, BeautyNZ. 

Judy’s motivation is to work towards the betterment of the industry, to raise industry standards and promote awareness. 

“As an Association it is our role to educate, mentor and support therapists to strive for excellence.  It has always been really important to me personally to encourage people to be the best they can be and reinforce the importance of having high ethical standards.  I strongly urge therapists to become members of the Association and unite with your peers and to be proud of the profession you serve” - Judy West  

Kim Ryan

Membership Portfolio


Kim has been in the professional beauty industry for 25+ years and has enjoyed seeing the evolution of beauty products and technologies over this time.  She joined the Executive Committee to give back to the industry and provide guidance and support to students and new graduates - ensuring they are working to the highest standards from the beginning of their career.

Kim is enjoying working with a team of like-minded individuals, bringing the best to the industry through positive education and guidance.

We have a lot to achieve to maintain the industry standards, improve the gaps that are there and to work with the colleges and distributors to make those changes possible.  I am looking forward to a positive year of change” Kim Ryan

Nicole Carter

Member Benefits Portfolio


Nicole is the owner of Beauty and Beyond in Invercargill.  Nicole was just 17 years old when she embraced the industry, and 34 years on she has seen beauty therapy grow tremendously. 

Nicole has been the Southland Rep on and off for 18 years and sits on the Beauty Therapy advisory committee at the Southern Institute of Technology and the Association’s Executive Committee.  

“As a very hands on Beauty/ Laser Therapist and Business Owner I have found the Beauty Association a great place to connect, network and gain support from fellow members. The beauty industry is so diverse and ever evolving, our association is our hub to encourage this growth.”   Nicola Carter

Michaella Messenger

Micropigmentation Portfolio &

Government Regulations Portfolio

Michaella Messenger  draws upon over 30 years of experience and education in all aspects of beauty therapy.  Her passion for knowledge in this dynamic, ever-changing skincare/beauty industry ensures that she stays informed with the latest technologies and developments in skincare. 

An advocate for safe practices and high professionalism, Michaella works with both industry leaders and governing bodies to achieve a unified approach to reaching excellence within our industry. 

"In our fast changing and growing beauty industry it is my honour to be part of an Association and family that is there to support, inform and educate our members to remain relevant in todays environment. I am excited to see what this year brings in all areas of our industry and seeing our Membership grow accordingly."  Michaella Messenger