What is the role of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals?

Connecting the beauty therapy industry

About - Cropped.jpgFor Beauty Therapists – beauty treatments from facials, electrolysis, massage therapy and manicures, to reflexology, microdermabrasion, IPL, dermal rolling, dermal planing, chemical peels and  botox are continually improving and this is our connection with new products, suppliers, procedures and standards.

For the beauty clinic business owners – as a business owner you need skills in all areas of your business, from accounting, marketing, not to mention beauty treatments.  The NZ Beauty Association want to support, encourage and grow your skills and business in ways you never thought possible.

For the Public – we represent the beauty therapy industry to the general public, ensuring that we connect the public to registered and fully trained beauty therapists, so they receive the proper treatment procedure in a safe environment with high ethical standards.  We provide information to the public, on all different treatments to inform and educate so they can embark on a treatment suitable for them and their needs.

We are the New Zealand Beauty Therapy industry – with more than 720  members plus a student representation from training institutions around the country. The NZ Beauty Association was formed  in 1968 as a non-profit organisation.  The founding members were a group of passionate women, who came from various backgrounds; massage, cosmetology, beauty therapy and electrolysis - the very reason they wanted to connect the beauty therapy industry.

Download our Code of Practice and our Code of Ethics which ensure our members provide a high standard of service to the public thereby protecting their clients, themselves and the future of the beauty industry.  Our Code of Practice is regularly updated and gives valuable information on professional hygiene practices.  Our Code of Ethics covers rules of conduct and ethical standards that our members must follow.

Thank you to all our members for connecting with the NZ Beauty Association - we can’t be strong and supportive without you!

How the Association is Run

The New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals is run by an Executive Committee that meets every month in Auckland. There are generally between 4 and 10 committee members.

There are also a number of area representatives who act as intermediaries between local members and the Executive Committee. The two groups keep in regular contact to discuss issues that affect members nationwide.

The NZ Beauty Association employs an Association Manager who attends the monthly committee meetings, prepares the agenda and keeps the minutes of meetings and also handles all correspondence and accounting.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a group of elected members who meet voluntarily on a monthly basis to make decisions on a wide range of issues affecting members and the public view of the professional beauty industry. They also routinely handle the acceptance of new members, financial decisions, magazine issues and any correspondence. Their contact details are printed in every issue of BeautyNZ.

The Executive Committee members for 2017/2018 are:


Kim Ryan

Vice President

Joined by





Office Manager

Marketing & Communications

Rachel Robertson

Judy West

Oonagh Wolfkamp

Nicole Carter

Maxim Titter


Dee Clothier

Rebecca Kerr