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Welcome to the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals

Your connection to the beauty therapy industry in New Zealand

By becoming a member, all beauty therapists and clinic owners, in all stages of their career or business will learn, share, collaborate, guide and support.  From the young, the inexperienced, and the student to the talented, the successful, the business savvy, and the passionate – we connect to empower ourselves and the professional beauty therapy industry, to grow and prosper.

The NZ Association of Registered Beauty Professionals is committed to ensure consistently high professional and ethical standards of its members,  whilst also protecting the general public, our clients, and our future.  The NZ Beauty Association is also the connection to our industry, where we gather information, experience and support for all our members.  Through our website, social media, training courses, meetings and forums we can access an ongoing innovative flow of trends, tips, ideas, insights of our shared knowledge and support. 

We are the go to people for beauty courses through recognised education institutions and colleges, job postings, beauty and training events, member profiles, and clinic locations around New Zealand.

We are the industry expert to guide and support the public in their quest for effective beauty treatments, to find registered and qualified beauty therapists, and explanations of all types of beauty-related treatments. 

Choose Members of the NZ Association of Registered Beauty Therapists Inc

Recent publicity about poor hygiene conditions and resulting bacterial infections has put beauty treatments under public scrutiny.  To highlight the benefits of visiting a member of The New Zealand  Association of Registered Beauty Therapists Inc,  we have launched the ‘Are you in Safe Hands?’

It is important to check that your beauty professional is fully trained.

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